Traditionally worn by Thai fishermen due to their fast drying ability and allowing for free movement, fishemans pants are now popular among others for yoga, martial arts and backpacking and are often worn as casual pants owing to their extreme comfort. The pants are wrapped around the waist and the cords are tied to form a belt. The excess material can then be folded over the knot. - Made with relaxed hemp these fishermans pants have been hand made. - Measurements: Regular (S-L) Outside Leg - 34" / 88cm Inside Seam - 29" / 74cm Full Length - 43" / 109cm Waist (Unfolded) - 50" / 127cm - Items are not pre-washed so please wash separately in cold water before wearing to avoid colour run - Please let me know the problem and I will either refund or replace the item.

Hemp Thai Fishermans Pants